Thursday, April 21, 2011

Support the MS Bike Tour for just $1!

Retro City Cycles is selling MS "pin-ups" for just $1!  Buy yours today, and help to create a world free of MS.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Retro City Cycles is Going Social!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Join us for the RAAM (Ride Across America) Fundraiser Thursday May 19!

Our friend, customer, and fellow Jamis rider Steven Perezluha, recently qualified for the Race Across America (RAAM) by riding 462 miles in 23 hours and 56 minutes at the Sebring 24 hour race. This was 2nd place in the RAAM division. He now holds the under-20-year-old world record for a 24-hour non-drafting bicycle race. The RAAM is a 3,000 mile coast-to-coast bicycle race from California to Maryland; the race starts June 15, 2011. He will most likely be the only cyclist under the age of 23 to compete in this event!

Steven is holding a RAAM fundraiser Thursday, May 19, to raise money for the race (which will cost up to $20,000) and also to raise money for the National Alzheimer's Association. He is holding a fundraising banquet on May 19 at the Renaissance Building (1110 W. Ivanhoe, Orlando 32804) and tickets are $30. For more info, and to support Steven, please visit

We have tickets for sale at our shop, and each person will also get a raffle ticket. Steven has great prizes, such as airline tickets and bicycle parts and accessories!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Annual Bike-To-Work Day with Mayor Dyer - May 6

Join Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer in support of reducing our impact on the enviromment! Awards for group competitions! Bike bus and extended ride will be offered. FREE coffee or tea (with mug).

Meet us at Retro at 7:15 am and we'll ride over together! Ride gathers at 7:30 am at infusion tea and leaves at 8 am. See you there!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New bikes, new bikes!

The Schwinn truck just dropped off a bunch of 2011 Schwinn's!  Not only do they look great, but the prices are even better!
 Schwinn Cutter $379
 Schwinn Willy $299
 Schwinn Ladies Voyageur 7 $329
 Schwinn Voyageur 21 $439
 Schwinn Racer $285 - Jess's new bike!
 Schwinn Nancy $469

Schwinn Jenny $299

Monday, April 4, 2011

Team Retro in New Port Ritchey!

Congrats to Team Retro Rider Patrick Diver!  He did great in the New Port Ritchey race, and looks great wearing that jersey!