Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bellwether clothing in stock!

New Bellwether clothing in stock, stop in today! Sharp colors, smart designs, start off the new year with a new cycling wardrobe! Jerseys start at just $50!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Sale! 2010 Is Here!

There comes a time in every young bike shop's life when he or she must blossom into a beautiful and mature young adult bike shop. January 2010 is that time! Until the end of the month, Retro City Cycles has deals so good you'll think "Wow, those are some good deals."

2009 Schwinn Voyager7

A great around town cruiser for exploring the city beautiful!
Was $329.99
Now only $279.99 Fifty Dollars off!
In stock - All sizes!

2009 Schwinn Cutter

Superstrong, superlight singlespeed urban assualt vehicle!
Was $329.99
Now only 279.99! Fifty dollars off!
In stock - All sizes!
Need accessories?

Get yourself seen with a new pair of lights!

You want Knogs? WE GOT KNOGS.

-- Knog Gekkos (3 LED) are on sale. We have blue, green, tan, orange, and translucent!

-- Knog Skinks (4 LED) are on sale as well! White, pink, translucent, black, and pink!

Want to be seen from space? We've got Cateyes on sale as well!

-- TL-LD610-R is a rear light, has 5 LEDs, and is brighter than a newborn star.

-- TL-LD1100 is also a rear light, has 10 LEDs, and is brighter than two newborn stars in a shining contest.

-- HL-EL530 is the headlight of the bunch, so bright that cars will flash their brights to warn you your brights are on.

Need a computer as well as a light? Vetta Pathfinders are currently on sale! They feature 3 front LEDs as well as 7 different computer functions.

How are you set for bar tape? Our Green Fizik Bar Tape is cheap!
And of course, if you need any kind of bike repair, we're ready to fix you up! Look out soon for announcments of our new brands!
2010 is the year of the bike!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Discover France Adventures/Cycling Classics

Wendy Chioji has a cool gig for the Tour de France this summer, and wants you to know about it so you can come along! She's a cycling tour guide for Discover France Adventures/Cycling Classics, one of only four cycling touring companies worldwide to be designated as an official, licensed partner of the Tour de France. That means special access to riders, teams, team buses, race routes, and much, much more for the VIP level TdF trips. Discover France Adventures also offers other levels of guided and self-guided trips, beginning in beautiful Annecy and ending with grand stand seats to watch the finish on the Champs Elysees.

For more info or to book a trip,
or email Wendy at

Thursday, January 14, 2010

GTR Series 4 road bike and GT Traffic 4 city bike

2010 GTR Series 4 road bike, entry level bike for anyone looking to start riding on the road and ready to go fast! Shimano STI shifters, Sora grupo, butted aluminum frame matched to a sleek carbon fork to absorb that road shock. A nice set of double walled Alex wheels with sealed Formula hubs. Stop on by and check out some of the new GTR road bikes!

Pictured on the right is the 2010 GT Traffic 4.0. A great city bike with 700c wheels and 21 speeds. Aluminum frame and fully rigid fork to keep you hauling. Nice durable Shimano drive line that will take a beating. This city bike even comes with a bell and puncture protected sidewall tires, as well as reflective linings on the sides of the tires. Mens and womens frame styles are available.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Awesome Fixed Gear Hubs and Some New Bikes!

These Profile Freestyle Fixed gear hubs are the Ferrari of bicycle hubs. Sealed bearings, Profile Fixed Hubs have a 44mm chainline, and are currently available in a Fixed/Free configuration as well as the pictured Fixed/Fixed configuration. They come in a ton of different colors and are made right here in good ol' America!

We also got this sweet new 2010 GT GTR Series Cxi Cross Bike. Butted Tubing, Easton carbon fork, SRAM Rival Crankset and outfitted with great parts all around. Watch out for this bike on the trails and in the street, it will pry pass you in the blink of an eye!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some sweet NEW bikes...

We just got in some new rides here at Retro. The 2010 Shwinn Classic 7 Delux, Jamis Allegro 3X, and the Surly Long Haul Trucker. If you are looking for a modern cruiser with the retro look, check out the Schwinn Classic 7 Delux! The Jamis is ready for long rides with a great drive line, a suspension with lock-out, and disc brakes. Check out the Surly Long Haul Trucker for your touring needs! COME ON IN AND CHECK OUT SOME NEW BIKES!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OMBA Trail Day - Saturday, February 6

Where: Meet at the OMBA Shed @ Campground

When: Saturday, February 6, 2010
Meet 8:00 a.m., Depart Shed 8:30 a.m. prompt

Why: In preparation for the FTF in March, we will be adding clay to the pump track to re-shape the rollers and the berms! Gotta make it flow again, like new!

Who: You, me and everyone you know who enjoys the Santos Trails! Get your friends involved!!!

Sponsored by: Ocala Mountain Bike Association, and Greenway Bicycles
3085 SE 80th St., Ocala, Florida 34480 (across from trailhead) Phone: 352-351-3475 Email:
Greenway Bicycles proudly carries GT, Schwinn, Mongoose, Santa Cruz, Swobo and Niner bicycles!

What to bring: Gloves, eye protection, sunscreen, hydration pack, shovels, hard tined rakes, pulaski’s and mcleod’s!

Volunteers will be provided with snacks, drinks and lunch. Greenway Bicycles will have some free swag for the volunteers, so show up, do your part to maintain our awesome trail system, and walk away with a sense of accomplishment and free stuff!

Is saving money one of your new year's resolutions?

Let Retro City Cycles help you put more money in your wallet each month!

Remember that Renewable Energy Tax legislation that passed a few months ago? Hidden deep within the legalese jargon is a nifty little tax credit for commuters who bike to work.

The Bicycle Commuter Act
The unnoticed tax credit was called the Bicycle Commuter Act. It was penned by Oregonian Congressman Earl Blumenauer. The aim of the bill was to give bicycle commuters a tax break similar to the ones that other commuters are eligible for.

What the Bicycle Commuter Act Offers
The credits breakdown like this:
For employees who regularly commute to work by bicycle, employers may offset the costs of bicycle purchase, improvement, repair, and storage at the rate of $20 per month. Based on how the employer chooses to offer the benefits, the employee may bring receipts to be reimbursed, may sign up for regular monthly payments, or devise some sort of voucher system with their employer.

Bike commuters are not allowed to receive transit or parking benefits in addition to the bike benefit.

Who Provides This Benefit For You?
The discount comes through your employers who probably contract a commuter benefit provider. Accor Services is one such provider. Speak to your company's liaison to the benefit provider about receiving your bicycling commuter credits. Your employers may elect not to provide these benefits. It would be wise for your employers to do so. They can save about 9.5% of their FICA contributions by participating in a commuter program.

What Do You Have Do as A Commuter?
Obviously, you have to ride a bike to work. You don’t have to ride it everyday, but you do have to commute by bike at least three times a week.

If you already bike to work, it's like a free twenty bucks. (I smell a pizza party.) Otherwise, it's just one more good reason to do so.

Get your company on board with the Bicycle Commuter Act, and Retro City Cycles will offer discounts on tune-ups and accessories to everyone you work with!