Friday, July 31, 2009

10 Things Motorists Should Know About Bicycling

From Metroplan Orlando:

  1. Safety studies have consistently shown bicyclists are safest when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles. Bicyclists who drive on the roadway and obey the rules of the road for vehicles have far fewer crashes than those who behave as “pedestrians
    on wheels.”
  2. Bicycles are defined as vehicles (Florida Statute 316.003 (2)), and were so long before the automobile existed.
  3. Sidewalks are for walking. 9 out of 10 crashes between bicyclists and motorists involve
    turning and crossing conflicts. Sidewalks present many hazards, and increase conflicts with
    motorists at intersections and driveways. Bicyclists on sidewalks have the same rights and duties as pedestrians. In some places bicyclists are prohibited from traveling on sidewalks.
  4. Bicyclists are entitled to full use of a lane in many circumstances. Bicyclists are only required to keep to the far right if the lane is wide enough to share safely with a car or truck, and there are no other hazards which would make keeping right riskier for the cyclist. Bicyclists may leave the far right if they are going as fast as other traffic, to make left turns, to avoid being cut-off by turning motorists, or to avoid any other hazard (F.S. 316.2065 (5)). Motorists are required to give at least three feet of space when passing a bicyclist (F.S. 316.083 (1)), and may cross a solid yellow stripe to pass if done safely.
  5. Bicyclists should always travel with the flow of traffic, and are required to do so when on the roadway. Traveling against the flow increases a bicyclist’s crash risk four-fold. Since many bicyclists are afraid to travel on roads, you’ll often encounter them coming down the sidewalk from the “wrong” direction.
  6. The purpose of a bike lane is to make passing easier for motorists. Bicyclists may
    leave bike lanes for the same reasons they would leave the far right side of any road. Motorists turning right should move into the bike lane (after first yielding to any bicyclists) to keep cyclists from passing on the right.
  7. Bicyclists help pay for our roads, too. Gas taxes and tolls account for only about 60 percent of street and highway funding. Property taxes, sales taxes, impact fees, and other funding sources make up the other 40 percent in Florida. And of course most bicyclists also own cars and pay gas taxes.
  8. The “impeding traffic” law (F.S. 316.183 (5)) does not apply tobicyclists. (It applies only to motor vehicles.)
  9. Bicyclists are permitted to travel twoabreast unless doing so impedes traffic. However, since a solo bicyclist may command a lane if it is too narrow to safely share with a motorist, the presence of a second cyclist to the right of the first one makes little difference.
  10. Bicyclists must obey the same rules for yielding and stopping as all other drivers. Motorists should treat bicyclists who are on the roadway the same as they would treat any other driver. Don’t wave bicyclists through at an intersection if you wouldn’t do the same for another motorist.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Critical Mass Friday 7/31!

Please join us this Friday for the monthly Critical Mass ride! Meet at Loch Haven Park at 5:30 pm... or stop by Retro City Cycles and we will ride over together!

Same rules, same roads, same rights - share the road.

Save the date - Women's Clinic 8/20!

Please join us for our next ladies cycling clinic - Thursday, August 20 - 6 pm!

We will go over fixing a flat tire and installing a new tube, lubing your chain, and other handy maintenance tips to keep your bike riding smoothly.

Please bring your wheel and a pump and/or CO2 (or you can purchase them at RCC!)

Refreshments will be served, and a special discount will be given the night of the clinic. See you then!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jamis Bicycles Partners with Transportation Alternatives to Create New York's Largest Bike Valet!

Thanks to a major grant from Jamis Bicycles, Transportation Alternatives is establishing the largest bicycle valet program in New York City’s history. With support from Jamis, Transportation Alternatives expects to park an estimated 10,000 bikes at the annual Celebrate Brooklyn series of 28 concerts and dozens of other New York cultural events this summer.

Similar to a coat check, the Bike Valet makes biking a practical alternative to driving. Attendees who ride to the Celebrate Brooklyn concerts and other events will be able to park their bikes safely and securely in areas staffed by attendants.

Jamis Bicycles was center stage on June 8th at the opening of the Celebrate Brooklyn summer performing arts festival, where Transportation Alternatives kicked off the 2009 Bike Valet program. An estimated 230 bikes were parked at the Jamis Valet Station. Former Talking Heads front man David Byrne brought a Jamis COMMUTER 4.0 out on stage and opened the event with a “shout out” to Jamis and Transportation Alternatives. Jamis has donated the Commuter 4.0 as a raffle prize for cyclists who use the Bike Valet service. For more information about the Bike Valet, visit

Transportation Alternatives is New York’s leading advocate for cyclists, pedestrians, and public transit users and has played a key role in the recent surge in citywide bicycle use. According to counts by the NYC Department of Transportation, the number of bike commuters was up an unprecedented 35% last year. Since 2007, New York has installed over 150 miles of new bicycle lanes, including Copenhagen-style separated cycle tracks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stimulate the Economy Sale! July 16-18!

Tank wants to take a bite out of high prices!
Stimulate the economy sale!! July 16-18!!

  • All in-stock bikes - $30-$250 off!

  • Tubes - Buy 3, get one FREE!

  • Carbon Origin8 water bottle cage - $25 (regular price $38.99!)

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  • All shorts, socks & gloves - 15% off

  • All Volt helmets - $150 (regular price $179!)

  • Origin8 Del Pasado Frames - $160 (regular price $180!)

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Help us make way for the 2010 inventory coming in later this summer!
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Giro's New Prolight Helmet

On the first true mountain stage of the 2009 Tour de France, which was last Friday, all Giro team riders (Astana, Rabobank, Garmin, Caisse d’Epargne) raced from Barcelona to Andorra with the new 175 gram Giro Prolight, the lightest production helmet we, or anyone else, has ever built.

A two year long project, the Prolight became an exercise in restraint and proved that less can be more. By intelligently using the lightest materials possible, and by rethinking what riders truly need in a helmet, Giro engineers were able to break the 200 gram threshold.

"This was a ground-up, no-compromise project. Our primary objective was to build the lightest helmet in the world, but we also made sure it was very well ventilated and super comfortable. Being able to rely on many of our proven technologies like Wind Tunnel ventilation and Superfit, we not only met, but exceeded our goals in developing a truly revolutionary helmet", said Mike Lowe, Vice President of Research and Development at Giro.

One key, weight saving feature on the Prolight is our new fit system, Roc Loc SL. Built from lightweight, supple webbing material, the self-adjusting system is devoid of unnecessary components. The unique and patented system allows the rider to adjust the helmet in just one simple step.

Rider feedback has been nothing but positive. In a recent pre-Tour Prolight test in Aspen, CO, Levi Leipheimer (Astana) summed the Prolight up in one word; "unreal". Other riders have commented that it feels lighter than a baseball hat and that it’s easy to forget that you’re even wearing a helmet at all.

The best part is that the Prolight will be available for purchase from authorized Giro retail partners beginning spring, 2010.
Stay tuned to for more information.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2010 Schwinn Cruisers are on their way!

The Schwinn Cruisers has been "remodeled" for 2010, and they look sweet! All cruisers have integrated beverage holders and matching chain guard, perfect for a stroll down the beach or around town! Look for these at Retro City Cycles in August!

Panther: Red, unisex size, aluminum frame. Fenders, comfy seat, 7-speed drive-train, sweet ride! $399.99! Hollywood: This is the ladies version of the Panther. 7-speed drive-train, available in teal or peach with fenders and comfy seat. Aluminum frame. $399.99! Debutante: Ladies model, available in pink, red and green. Three-speed, comfy seat, fenders, aluminum frame. $449.99!Corvette Plaid DLX: Men's steel frame. Fenders, painted wheels, three-speed coaster brake, comfy seat. $299.99!

Sprite Plaid DLX: Ladies version of the Corvette, steel frame, great color scheme! $299.99!

Starlet: Ladies aluminum frame, coaster brake, full fenders, single-speed, sunshine yellow color! $369.99!