Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Urban Mountain Bike Park Coming to Orlando? With your help it will!

Mountain biking in Orlando? True, we don't have mountains, or hills, or even a vast amount of woods in the City Beautiful. We have been blessed with Snow Hill, Santos and Alafia trails... but wouldn't it be great to save the gas money, and jump off of something other than a curb, right in your own neighborhood?

With your help, you can! We are working with the city to put an Urban Mountain Bike Park right in downtown Orlando! The site we are targeting is on Division Street, north of Gore, right under the I-4/408 interchange.

Seattle recently built the I-5 Colonnade Mountain Bike Park, the first of a new urban model for mountain bike facilities. (see above photo) What an awesome idea! To check out more info on the Colonnade, please visit

Think this is a great idea? We hope so! Please drop Malisa Mcreedy a quick email saying that you would love to see an urban mountain bike park set up on Division Street... she is working with us to make this a priority for the city! Grant money is available to build this project, all we need is a few hands to support this good cause!

Thank you again!