Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jamis Bicycles Partners with Transportation Alternatives to Create New York's Largest Bike Valet!

Thanks to a major grant from Jamis Bicycles, Transportation Alternatives is establishing the largest bicycle valet program in New York City’s history. With support from Jamis, Transportation Alternatives expects to park an estimated 10,000 bikes at the annual Celebrate Brooklyn series of 28 concerts and dozens of other New York cultural events this summer.

Similar to a coat check, the Bike Valet makes biking a practical alternative to driving. Attendees who ride to the Celebrate Brooklyn concerts and other events will be able to park their bikes safely and securely in areas staffed by attendants.

Jamis Bicycles was center stage on June 8th at the opening of the Celebrate Brooklyn summer performing arts festival, where Transportation Alternatives kicked off the 2009 Bike Valet program. An estimated 230 bikes were parked at the Jamis Valet Station. Former Talking Heads front man David Byrne brought a Jamis COMMUTER 4.0 out on stage and opened the event with a “shout out” to Jamis and Transportation Alternatives. Jamis has donated the Commuter 4.0 as a raffle prize for cyclists who use the Bike Valet service. For more information about the Bike Valet, visit http://www.briconline.org/celebrate/bicycle.asp

Transportation Alternatives is New York’s leading advocate for cyclists, pedestrians, and public transit users and has played a key role in the recent surge in citywide bicycle use. According to counts by the NYC Department of Transportation, the number of bike commuters was up an unprecedented 35% last year. Since 2007, New York has installed over 150 miles of new bicycle lanes, including Copenhagen-style separated cycle tracks.