Friday, August 21, 2009

2010 Swobo Crosby is in stock!

Swobo has introduced the Crosby, an all-purpose road or cross bike. They started with a blank sheet of paper when designing the versatile and convertible frame and fork, which means they didn’t try to adapt an existing frame, fork and dropouts to our design idea.

Fixed or free. Single-speed or geared. Cantilever or disc brake. Fenders and or/rack. Fat tires or skinny tires. Knobbies or slicks. Street or dirt. City or country. Touring or commuting. Racing or cruising.
The heart of the bike is the frame and our frame is shaped and butted aluminum with varied diameter and shapes to give it the optimum stiffness and compliance. Square-section top tube near the seat tube makes it easy to carry, if you are shouldering the bike for cross. The fork is carbon, designed to work with the frame. Frame and fork can accommodate cantilever brakes or disc brakes.
The ingenious SRAM Torpedo hub is designed to be either fixed or free, on the fly, with just 7 turns of a screwdriver. There is no need to flip the wheel, if you are riding fixed and decide you want to coast down the big hill you just climbed. Or vice versa. Put the screwdriver in the small hole, and seven turns later you go from track bike hero to single speed coasting casual.

Test ride the 2010 Crosby today, a sweet ride, retailing for $999. Ride the Crosby, look tough.