Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Sale! 2010 Is Here!

There comes a time in every young bike shop's life when he or she must blossom into a beautiful and mature young adult bike shop. January 2010 is that time! Until the end of the month, Retro City Cycles has deals so good you'll think "Wow, those are some good deals."

2009 Schwinn Voyager7

A great around town cruiser for exploring the city beautiful!
Was $329.99
Now only $279.99 Fifty Dollars off!
In stock - All sizes!

2009 Schwinn Cutter

Superstrong, superlight singlespeed urban assualt vehicle!
Was $329.99
Now only 279.99! Fifty dollars off!
In stock - All sizes!
Need accessories?

Get yourself seen with a new pair of lights!

You want Knogs? WE GOT KNOGS.

-- Knog Gekkos (3 LED) are on sale. We have blue, green, tan, orange, and translucent!

-- Knog Skinks (4 LED) are on sale as well! White, pink, translucent, black, and pink!

Want to be seen from space? We've got Cateyes on sale as well!

-- TL-LD610-R is a rear light, has 5 LEDs, and is brighter than a newborn star.

-- TL-LD1100 is also a rear light, has 10 LEDs, and is brighter than two newborn stars in a shining contest.

-- HL-EL530 is the headlight of the bunch, so bright that cars will flash their brights to warn you your brights are on.

Need a computer as well as a light? Vetta Pathfinders are currently on sale! They feature 3 front LEDs as well as 7 different computer functions.

How are you set for bar tape? Our Green Fizik Bar Tape is cheap!
And of course, if you need any kind of bike repair, we're ready to fix you up! Look out soon for announcments of our new brands!
2010 is the year of the bike!