Friday, November 26, 2010

2011 Jamis Exile 29'er

Great 29'er, at a lower price than 2010!  Buy your new mountain bike today for only $700!
 -Aluminum frame
 -SR Suntour XCR fork
 -FSA headset
 -WTB FX28 29" rims

Reasons to ride a 29'er:
 - Larger diameter wheels roll over obstacles more easily due to decrease in approach angle
 - Larger wheels have a lower rolling resistance for the same tire width
 - Larger wheels are less prone to sinking in mud or sand
 - Larger contact patch increases cornering traction
 - Larger wheels are less prone to pinch flatting
 - The 29'er geo offers taller riders a more natural frame geometry

Stop in for a test ride today!